Understanding Narcolepsy disorder

understanding narcolepsyUnderstanding about narcolepsy condition is very much important. This is a condition which is the reason for chronic sleep issues in a person. Though this is a rare neurological disorder it is known to affect millions of people in the world. In a study it is found that, 1 in 2000 people who belong to the United States are suffering from narcolepsy condition.

There is no cure for this medical condition but there are many treatment options available in the market. When it is chosen the person with narcolepsy can easily manage the symptoms and lead a complete life.

Know about narcolepsy condition

Each person with narcolepsy would suffer from different symptoms in the body. When a person is suffering from narcolepsy he or she would suffer from persistent sleepiness. Even though they sleep at night they would still feel sleepy in the morning too.

Not only this symptom, they would also suffer from various other symptoms like brief episodes of weakness in muscles, hallucination, cataplexy and sleep paralysis. It is found that people develop narcolepsy in teens and it would get carried to adulthood.

However we cannot generalize this as the narcolepsy condition might occur even in the person who has crossed 40 or 50 years of age.

Types of Narcolepsy

You should know that there are actually two types of narcolepsy condition.

Type 1: Narcolepsy with Cataplexy

Type 2: Narcolepsy without cataplexy

When the person suffer from the type 2 condition they would get excessive sleepiness in the body however they would not suffer from muscle weakness. The symptoms these patients suffer from would be less compared to the one who belong to type 1.

Apart from these, there is also a possibility of secondary narcolepsy. This condition is triggered in a body when the individual got an injury on the interior part of the brain. The symptoms that they suffer from would be severe. In addition to this, they would require sleep for a longer period of time that is more than 10 hours of sleep.

Behavior of people with narcolepsy

During the day in the life of a person with narcolepsy they would feel sleepy, they would be inattentive and in fact they would undergo drowsiness. They would readily fall in to REM sleep. When this happens they might also get dream during their sleep.

They might suffer from muscle weakness. When they wake up from sleep there is a chance for hallucination or sleep paralysis.

At night, they would spontaneously wake up from their sleep. In addition to that, they can also enter in to the REM sleep within few minutes of time.

What is the sleep cycle of narcolepsy?

There are actually two cycles and they are REM and non-REM. For people without this condition they would be at these cycles at certain period of time and they do not mix up with each other. However, the person with narcolepsy would directly enter in to REM cycle thus causing muscle weakness and various issues.