Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

The Terms and Conditions are Website Standard that is written on this web portal will lead in managing your use of this website. These Terms on this website will be applied completely and influence your use of this website. By using this web page, you have agreed to the terms and conditions that are written here. You should not use this web portal if you disagree to any of the given Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

We strictly require a legal age to access the information in our website and any person who does not satisfy the eligibility (18 years or above) are not allowed to use this website.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Narcolepsystudy.com or its licensors owns all the information related property rights and materials or contents or information contained in this website other than the content that you own. These are included in the Terms and Conditions.

A user is allowed only with the limited access to view and read the material that is given on the website.

  1. Restrictions

The user is specifically restricted from all the following given:

  • Should not publish our content or material in any other media;
  •  Do not endorse or advertise any website material in this web page, it is not allowed here;
  •  Sharing of our website material to the public;
  •  Unauthorized use of this website for any other purpose or damaging it;
  •  Trying to impact user access to this website;
  •  engage in any of the data mining activity, data collecting, data extracting or any activities that could bring harm to this website.
  •  on the contrary to laws and regulations, the use of this website would cause harm to this website or a person or business entity;
  •  engaging in any kind of advertise and marketing of any product using this website;

You are not allowed to access certain areas in this website and Narcolepsystudy.com may restrict access to you for any other areas on this website at any time, in absolute discretion without any prior warning in regarding. You should have to confidentially maintain any user ID and password you use on this website.

  1. Your Content

In these given terms and conditions of Website Standard, “Your Content” will include any audio, video that you upload, images, or other material you choose to display here on this website. By doing this, on your content display, you grant buy Modafinil a non-exclusive, worldwide irrevocable, reproduce, adapt, translate, sub-licensable to use, publish and distribute it in any media.

You own all of the Your Content and must not invade any of the third party’s rights. In this website, it reserves to remove any of the Your Content from this Narcolepsy Study website at any time without prior to notice.

  1. No Warranties

The information that has been given on this website are taken only after the study and research but it also contains “as is” with all faults. Buy Modafinil does not provide any representations or warranties, of any kind related to the materials contained on this website. This is not a website that provides you with any kind advice or consultation.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, Narcolepsy Study nor any of its officers, employees, directors, and administrators shall be liable to any of the activity that you would perform during the time you use of this website which is given and such liability under the contract. Buy Modafinil, including all the officials of it, shall not be held liable for anything that happened indirect, consequential or special liability that would arise due to your use on this website.

  1. Indemnification

From this, hereby you will indemnify to the full extent to buy Modafinil from and against all the possible liabilities, demands on supply, costs, action cause, damages, and expenses that are related to your breach of any of these given Terms.

  1. Severability

If any of the given Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid that does not abide to any law then such provisions shall be deleted in prevention to other provisions herein.

  1. Terms in Variations

Buy Modafinil is allowed to change any of the information at any time as it is needed on this website. It is permitted in the revise of these Terms. You are surely expected to review these terms on a regular basis.

  1. Assignment

Buy Modafinil is permitted to assign, subcontract and transfer the information, rights and/or commitment under the terms at any time without any prior notice. However, you are also not allowed to assign, subcontract or transfer the information, any of the rights and/or obligation under the given Terms and Conditions.

  1. Entire Agreement

The Terms and Conditions that have been given will constitute the entire agreement between buy Modafinil and the user in relation to the use of this website.

  1. Law & Administration in Governing

All the terms that have been given here are will be governed by and interpreted in associated with the laws of the state of New York, and under any disagreements, you must have to submit the not restricted jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of New York.