Symptoms of Narcolepsy

symptoms of narcolepsyThe most noticeable narcolepsy symptoms are extreme daytime sleepiness and cataplexy. The first symptom that is often developed in a person is excessive sleepiness in daytime by which many people are have been suffering with for years before they receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for this sleeping disorder. Some of the common symptoms of narcolepsy is mentioned in the following;

  • Excessive Sleepiness– A person will feel drowsy throughout the day, and have some difficulty in concentrating on the work and staying awake.
  • Sleep Attacks– A person would suddenly fall asleep in the middle of work without any warning.
  • Sleep Paralysis– It is a temporary inability of a person to move or speak or do any actions when waking up or falling asleep. The brain cycle acts as paralyzed state between the sleeping or waking terms.
  • Hallucinations– There are two types of hallucinations that would cause to the patients,
  1. Hypnogogic Hallucinations– Occurrence of dreams that comes often once you have fall asleep.
  2. Hypnopompic Hallucinations– Occurrence of dreams at the time of before or during waking up from sleep.
  • Cataplexy– A medical condition that occurs due to the sudden episode of muscle control and weakness and physical collapse that is caused to a person due to strong emotions such as laughter and anger.

If you witness any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is really important to take a consult with your doctor or a sleep specialist who would provide you with the proper narcolepsy treatments that may help greatly in improving your health conditions.