Narcolepsy Myths and Facts

myths and factsThere are many myths and facts that are prevailing related to narcolepsy. In this article, we are going to reveal these to our readers one by one. From this page, you can know about a lot of facts about Narcolepsy condition.

Myth 1: every person suffer from narcolepsy in a similar way

This is definitely not the truth. Each person would suffer from different form of narcolepsy. The symptoms that they suffer from due to the medical condition might also vary from one person to another.

When you ask certain individuals they would mention that suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness is the worst issue for them whereas others would mention that cataplexy is their worst symptom. You should know that no two person might experience similar type of narcolepsy issue. Even the severity of the medical condition would vary from one to another.

Myth 2: when a narcolepsy person sleeps well the situation is sorted

No, the quantity of the sleep is not an issue here. If the narcoleptic patients go to bed early and if that cures the condition then there is no need for treatment itself. But unfortunately that is not the situation here.

The sleep cycle that the person without narcolepsy follows is different from the person with the condition. They do not have quality of sleep. So even after sleeping for incredibly long period of time they would still feel tired and sleepy.

Myth 3: there is a cure for Narcolepsy

Unfortunately, this is not true. At present there is no cure for Narcolepsy. However there are many medications that are used for the condition. Even there are various therapies that are found beneficial.

But the advantages from these can be received only until you take the medication and not after you stop it.

Myth 4: people cannot indulge in any job with narcolepsy

This is not true completely. There are people who cannot do any job and is always in wheel chair. However there are also individuals who have a job, family and maintain their extracurricular activities very well.

This completely depends on a person. If you are an individual with narcolepsy then do not compare your life with others. You people are completely different and suffering from different issues.

Myth 5: Narcolepsy is a common medical condition

The medical condition is a very rare neurological disorder. This ailment affects 1 in 2000 Americans. There are millions of people who are suffering from this medical condition worldwide.

Myth 6: Narcolepsy is easy diagnosable

This condition is often misdiagnosed by the doctor. Since there is a sleep issue related to narcolepsy they would most often think this as a sleep disorder. Only after sometime, the healthcare professional might come to a conclusion that a person is not suffering from sleep disorder but narcolepsy.

These are only the few myths and facts that are prevailing in the world with respect to the medical condition. It is better to check with the medico to get it clarified.