Modafinil – FAQs

  1. Why does Modafinil is prescribed for Narcolepsy?

Modafinil is considered as a Smart Drug which helps in to stay active and to be concentrated on a work. Since, narcolepsy is a brain disorder in which a person suddenly fall asleep or fatigue, with the use of Modafinil properly it helps in keeping them alert. Many healthcare professionals have said that prescribing Modafinil is their drug of choice in treating narcolepsy.

  1. What are the available dosages strengths of Modafinil?

The available dosage strengths of Modafinil are 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, and 400mg. Before taking any of the dosages you should have to consult with your doctor. The physician will advise you on the appropriate dosage of the medication so as to treat your health condition.

  1. Where to Buy Modafinil easily and safely?

There are many pharmacies that are providing modafinil. However, we suggest you buy Modafinil from the online pharmacies. It is because they sell the genuine drugs and for your affordable rate. They directly pick the medication from the manufacturer’s warehouse and will sell to you, so it is authentic and safe to be consumed. You can get the drugs delivered right at your door.

  1. How to get prescribed for Modafinil?

You can get prescribed for Modafinil just by visiting any of the healthcare consultant or physician and you can explain your health condition to him/her and get prescribed. The physician will provide you the prescription for Modafinil after examining your health condition and only if you are in need of this drug to get treated.

  1. Why should I need a prescription to purchase Modafinil?

Modafinil is currently classified under the schedule IV controlled substance in the United States; which means it is a prescription only drug and it can be procured only if a valid medical Rx from the certified physician.

  1. Will I get cheated online?

Well, there are certain chances that you might get cheated when you order  Modafinil from online. However, you can verify for the legitimate online pharmacy which is legally licensed and confirm if the pills are genuine and are FDA approved. By doing so, you will be able to procure the medicines very safely without getting cheated online.

  1. Can I take alcohol when I am on Modafinil treatment?

No. It is not a proper way to consume any medication along with alcohol or when you are on alcohol. This is because it could be dangerous to your health and causes drug interaction which can result in some severe health deterioration.

  1. What are the Modafinil Side Effects?

Like any other medicines, Modafinil also has some of the side effects that could affect the person. You might experience elevated blood pressure, insomnia, back pain, dryness of the mouth and skin and muscle stiffness.