Living with narcolepsy

living with narcolepsyThe narcolepsy condition can trigger challenges in the day to day activities in a person. Apart from triggering excessive sleep in a person it would also cause poor memory, exhaustion, and hallucination.

Even though you get treated for narcolepsy you would still feel difficulties to be attentive, feel sleep, have muscle weakness and much more. Due to this, there will be more trouble and hindrance caused in the personal and social relationships.

These symptoms would have an impact on the activities performed in school, college or work.

Problems that narcolepsy patients deal with:

  • Confusion in mind would be present which makes it very hard for them to concentrate.
  • Their memory issues are increased.
  • There will be an automatic behavior. Due to this they would feel doubt about the routine.
  • Individuals with narcolepsy would have self doubt.
  • They would sleep during class hours and during lectures. This would cause many problems and it would also be embarrassing for them.
  • The symptoms that they would frequently experience are hallucinations, sleep paralysis and muscle tension.
  • They have fear, worry and anxiety about handling their day to day activities.
  • The confidence level in them would be lowered to a greater extent.

Narcolepsy has impact on social relationships:

  • People with narcolepsy have difficulties to stay awake while engaging in social activities. It can be anything from watching a movie, to playing and dancing.
  • They would be confused and sometimes agitated when they awake from naps.
  • The sleep would be aroused during inconvenient times.
  • Even while having a conversation they would have hallucinations.
  • Muscle weakness or cataplexy can occur at any time of the day. Even while laughing with friends this symptom can occur to them.

How to handle narcolepsy?

Individuals with this medical condition along with friends and family should work together in order to manage this.

Awareness about your self

Over the period of time people would start to understand about their symptoms. They would take the muscle relaxation medication prior going to a movie or a party. The people would try to sleep or take naps at proper times in a day. While travelling home they would pop up the wakefulness promoting agent.

Create awareness among friends and family

It is a must to educate them about what are narcolepsy and the symptoms that they would suffer from. So when the cataplexy or sudden sleepiness occurs they can understand on why it is happening and can also take measures to help the patient.

Take medications properly

It is a must for you to take the medication that is instructed to treat narcolepsy properly. Try not to skip the pills and consume it as mentioned by the healthcare professional. If you are consuming the medication properly it is possible for you to manage the symptoms well.

Talk about the issue

If you are suffering from narcolepsy symptoms then you can talk about it to your friends or family. Only when you talk they would know and come forward to help you.