Diagnose for Narcolepsy

Diagnose for NarcolepsyDiagnosing narcolepsy is very much important and it should be done at the right time. We would look about it in detail here.

There is a need for several tests in order to diagnose narcolepsy condition in the body. The doctor would check you personally in physical. In fact they would check the medical conditions that you are suffering from so that they can rule out the symptoms.

The reason is that the major symptom that matches with narcolepsy does not imply that you suffer from this condition. There is a chance that it would be because of other condition that is present in your body

Epworth sleepiness scale

This is a simple test where you would be provided with questions and you have to answer it. It would be just eight questions. You have to rank it from 0 to 24. When you pick 0 it implies that you are not feeling sleepy but when you pick 6 it means that you are very likely to get sleep.

When the scores range from 0 to 10 then it is completely normal. However when you give a rank about 10 then the healthcare professional would examine you with further tests.

Polysomnogram (PSG)

This is a test that is usually performed in the lab. During the test you would be allowed to sleep. They would check the changes that occur in your body right from breathing patterns, movement in the muscle and brain activity. The electronic signals are passed in the body and the results are recorded. These results are actually given to the sleep specialist in order to identify whether you are suffering from narcolepsy condition or not.

Multiple sleep latency tests

This is a test that is performed the next day after polysomnogram test is conducted. This test is taken in order to know on how long and how often the person sleeps. In this test, you are supposed to take frequent naps. The individuals without narcolepsy would take at least 10 to 20 minutes of time to initiate sleep. However, the person with this medical condition might take shorter span of time to get asleep.

In fact you would also be told to note about your sleep records. This includes your bedtime, the time you would wake up, and nap span. Your healthcare professional would check whether any of the drugs that you are consuming are affecting the sleep or not.

Hypocretin Test

This is a test that would measure the level of hypocretin in the fluid that is present near the spinal cord. When you are a person who is affected with narcolepsy there is a chance for you to have a low level of hypocretin. Those who do not know about this should know that hypocretin is a chemical which is responsible for a person to stay awake.

After these tests are conducted a physician would be able to identify whether a person is suffering from narcolepsy condition or not and the treatment is advised.