What are the cost differences in buying Modafinil Online

To treat my narcolepsy, I was confused about the same thing as well. I had researched about the same and collected few data that might be useful in narrowing down the answer to the question. I have decided to plot the collected data to answer the above stated.

On the X-Axis is popularity (Based on the relative search volume in Google). And on the Y-Axis is the cost of 60 tablets with 200 mg dosage strength. What we are looking for is popular but cheap vendors.

modafinil vendor comparison

Jupiter Pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy No Rx, and Online Pharmacy Drug were the cheapest vendors, and Jupiter Pharmacy the most popular. My 24 Hour Pharmacy ranking the last has very less popularity and charges the consumer higher than the other three vendors.

With this being said and plotted, it is very clear that popularity and price were the most vital factors according to me while figuring out the best place to buy Modafinil Why is Popularity an important factor?

I looked in for the popularity because it may hint out the reliability and credibility of the product. When many users search for a particular portal for getting their medications, it also means that they sell drugs with authenticity and is a place of trust.

And what about the Price?

We procure the same product from all the Modafinil sellers, so why pay more when all the criteria are same?

Even though they offer some combination of Modafresh, Provigil, Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Wakvigil, the root cause and formulation remain the same.

As an indication of popularity, I used the search volume of Google. This may not always be the best proxy for most known reasons. For example, if any site has negative fame, this may also attract a lot of searches. But no one would want to deliberately shop from those sellers. And so for our purpose, Google search volume would do fine.

To reiterate, we have popularity on the Y-axis. And on the X-axis we have enlisted price per 200 mg tablet.

Inference: Ranking by Popularity:

Jupiter Pharmacy > Canadian Pharmacy No Rx > My 24 Hour Pharmacy > Online Pharmacy Drug

Ranking by Pricing (Low to High):

Jupiter Pharmacy > Canadian Pharmacy No Rx > Online Pharmacy Drug > My 24 Hour Pharmacy It is no wonder that the not so popular vendor has the highest prices (My 24 Hour Pharmacy).

Jupiter Pharmacy and Canadian Pharmacy No Rx – They both are equally compatible in terms of popularity and price.

I’m personally biased toward Jupiter Pharmacy because they were vouched for by package.

Cues for Buying Modafinil Online

Credit Card Scam: Few Modafinil sellers may have less or no security system on their portal.

If you’re very concerned about getting your credit card credentials stolen due to a modafinil purchase, I recommend getting Final for your card. Use Final to secure your credentials, also known as OTP (One Time Password) by some retailers.

Legal Concerns In United States. Purchasing Modafinil without prescription is considered illegal. Canada, the UK, and Australia. Rarely, customs confiscate the modafinil orders. Always check if the chosen pharmacy has FDA approved pills.